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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cheap Venetian Plaster Alternative

Try using plain drywall mud. You can add color from either pigments or paint to your mud. Try blending two or more different colors of mud onto your wall surfaces to create a marbled effect.

Use any common trowel, you don't necessarily need an exotic venetian plastering trowel, just get the stuff on the wall. I like to frottage alot, that's using crinkled up plastic sheeting cut into 3' wide strips, the height of the wall. Leave it on for 20 - 30 minutes and rip off and toss.

Let the dry at least 24 hours, knock down any rough high spots, if you want you can do a light sand but I use the trowel to knock down my high spots; then seal with a common clear glaze, an economical one I use is Flotrol, which costs about $13/gal. at Home Depot.

After letting the sealer/glaze dry thoroughly you might re-glaze using a color of eggplant, wine, merlot, cherry. Be inventive, apply with a tile sponge and always have a rage to wipe off excess and blot accordingly.

Colored waxes can be fun as well to give depth, sheen and a level of protection to your surface.

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